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Dinner kun is a Thai restaurant in NYC. It’s one of a handful of restaurants in the city which is known for it’s very good food. The place serves a very fresh, light meal for their customers. Not only do they serve a beautiful meal, but the food is also very affordable.

To celebrate their new restaurant, the owners have decided to offer a two-for-one special: $20 off their 5-course dinner for all customers. So you can get a beautiful meal for a fraction of the price. In all likelihood, this offer will be coming soon – the restaurant will start serving their dinners in April.

This is the second time in the last few months that we’ve seen a restaurant offer a special 20-off meal. They first made an offer to all customers and it was a disaster, but the owners decided to give it another try. The restaurant is going to start serving their dinners in April, and it will be the first time in the last five years that we’ve seen a restaurant offer this special, so it will be a nice surprise for all customers.

It’s not all that surprising, because this is a restaurant that has been offering this special meal for a year. The owners are hoping that this is a sign that they are finally realizing that, while this is a restaurant, it is also still a restaurant because they want to do things the right way. They are very open about their plans, so if you see this special you can be sure they are on board.

This is not a restaurant. It’s a business. It’s a restaurant, not a restaurant.

I’m not sure if the owners are trying to make this clear or they just can’t help themselves. It’s either the latter or they don’t care. Either way, it doesn’t matter. The food tastes amazing. The service is excellent. The ambiance is great. The wait staff is excellent. The service is good but the ambiance is still great.

You would think a restaurant would be a place where you can eat and talk for hours. Not so with The Dinner Kur. It’s a place where you can eat, drink, and get served. The owners are trying to say that they dont want you to have a meal and only come for the service. If you want the meal, you have to come for the service. If you want the service you have to come for the meal. This is the way that restaurants have always been.

Restaurants are a big target for a lot of scams. They say the place is the nicest that they can find, but what they are really doing is taking advantage of other people’s good nature and offering a service that they deem to be “special.” These restaurants are great at doing these scams, but its a tough job keeping up with the demand.

The restaurant business has a lot of scams that could be called “a lot.” A lot of restaurants and other businesses don’t want you to know that they are trying to scam you. They just want you to believe that they are doing a legitimate thing. The problem is that the restaurant scene is filled with scammers that can be hard to spot.

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