ladies underwear ad 1972

I’m a big fan of the ad for ladies underwear back in 1972. I think it was because it seemed so in-your-face. I thought it was so funny that the men in the ad were the ones wearing the ‘sexy women’ underwear. I think now I’m just a wuss.

The ad for ladies underwear back in 1972 was really funny because, well, it was in your face and it looked so hot. I still love the ad because it is so iconic.

I don’t think the ad was funny. I think it was just a funny juxtaposition of two images that made them look so great together. In the ad, the woman wears a very sexy and revealing bra and panties and the man is wearing a shirt and jeans. I think it was funny because there were so many images juxtaposed together that it was kinda hilarious.

The ad is funny because it makes you think about a specific kind of woman and the relationship they could have with another woman. In the ad, the woman is looking at a mirror and wants to look in the mirror and she thinks the man wants to look in the mirror. The woman is also wearing a sexy bra and I think it makes her feel sexy. And then the man is wearing jeans and a shirt. I think it made him look so sexy.

The ad reminds me of this scene in the movie “Pretty Woman” where the same woman is walking into a store, and the ad is in the same store and she is looking at the same mirror as the ad makes her feel sexy and the man is taking off his shirt and pants and looking at the same mirror as the ad makes him look sexy. This makes me think of women’s underwear ads and the sexual power of the woman.

This is what happens when the woman’s underwear is tight enough to feel sexy. It’s like the man is wearing a pair of woman’s underwear and she is just wearing her underwear. It’s so erotic that at first I thought the man was really sexy, but then I realized that the woman is also wearing her underwear, and I’m not sure if I want to be with a man who is wearing woman’s underwear.

I dont know who thought up this idea, but this is an old ad for women’s underwear, not a modern ad. Its not as sexy as the modern underwear ads that have recently made their way to the streets.

The ladies underwear ad started in 1972, so it’s not exactly in the present day. It does however play on a lot of the same themes of sex, seduction, and sexuality as the modern ad for womens underwear does.

The ad is not just for womens underwear. It’s also fun to see how much we actually do miss out on. In modern life, we would never be able to find a place where we could wear underwear so common. It’s much more common now than it was in the past to see a woman dressed in the same type of underwear as the rest of the world.

Ladies underwear has a long history in the world, and is mostly associated with the Victorian era. The reason there is an ad for it is because it is often worn by women on formal occasions and by men on casual occasions. It is mostly considered a kind of “dressy” underwear. The ad tells us that there are some girls who like to wear it for special occasions. As a whole, it is a very common dress worn by both men and women.

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