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The secret to a great chola is this: it is often made with only the very best ingredients. When you hear the word chola, you picture it as a fresh summer salad, and that is an excellent reason to buy the freshest ingredients possible. There are so many great ingredients to add to this salad, from sweet red tomatoes, tender greens, and olive oil, to the very best fresh chile peppers, and a mix of fresh herbs to add to it.

The chola fits are the perfect pair for this recipe. I always use the chola, and they work very well in this salad. The pithy pithy pithy pithy pithy pithy pithy pithy chola fit is a great way to add the chola to this salad.

The chola fit works surprisingly well in this salad. The pithy pithy pithy pithy pithy pithy pithy pithy pithy chola fits perfectly in this salad.

I love these chola fits. They look great and they add so much flavor to this salad. The pithy pithy pithy pithy pithy pithy pithy pithy pithy chola fits perfectly in this salad.

When I think of a good chola fit, I’ve realized that it’s a very simple matter to find one’s own. All you have to do is to grab a chola fit and put it in your salad. The chola fit is also a great one to use. It’s very easy to use. It’s a little bit more complicated than some salad recipes you have to choose from.

I don’t know about you, but I love a good salad. It makes a great start to any meal, especially at the end of a great day.

And of course, chola fits are great to use in a salad. A traditional chola fit tastes a bit of spice and salt, and the oil and vinegar are added for extra acidity. But the real reason I like them is because they’re so simple. You can do them up to a week in advance, and not have to change the recipe. You can use them as a salad dressing, or you can add them to a salad, or you can even make your own.

The key to making a good chola fit is to use a good vinegar and oil combination, which has to have the right balance of flavors. I like to combine a little olive oil with white wine vinegar for extra acidity, and a little garlic powder for garlic flavor. Also, for a little extra kick, you can add some lemon juice for a more sour bite.

I’ve heard many people say they prefer the taste of a chola fit a little more fresh than the other chola fit brands out there, so that’s what I think I’ve used. But you can also use them as a salad dressing. Olive oil and vinegar is a great combination, and I also really like the garlic powder.

If you do use the chola fit, I recommend you use it on a fresh cut of steak, or fish that has been marinated. If you want to go the extra step and make the chola fit more of a salad dressing, you can add some of the olive oil to the dressing. If you like this video, you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel, and get a free chola fit recipe.

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