What Does Juliet Promise Her Mother?

Read the questions below on Romeo and Juliet and test your knowledge and understanding of the text. The following activity is a great way to explore the story of Romeo and Juliet with a group of students and begin to look at staging the play. At the end of the play, the Friar tells the Prince, Lord and Lady Capulet, and Lord Montague what has happened. They agree to end the feud and honour Juliet with a ‘statue in pure gold’.

Reading slowly, reading sections more than once and reading aloud will certainly help with comprehension. She reinterprets Lady Capulet’s line that marriage increases a woman’s wealth and status as referring instead to the way in which marriage increases a woman through pregnancy. Thus, neither her mother nor her Nurse addresses the romantic concept of love that Juliet harbors. In fact, each identifies a distinct aspect of female oppression — social and physical.

The citizens of Verona have had it with the Capulets and the Montague’s. When Capulet and Montague come and start quarrelling, the Prince of Verona comes, and take them all what does dabes mean apart. He tells them, if they ever quarrel again, they’ll be both banished. Romeo does not want another to die at his hands and he implores Paris to put away his sword.

You find a suitable poison, and I’ll find a suitable servant. Indeed, I’ll never be satisfied with Romeo until I see him dead…dead is what my heart is like now on behalf of my cousin. Mother, if you could just find a servant to carry the poison, I’d fix it so that Romeo would be killed right away after drinking it. May the window let daylight in and you, my life, out.

Standing above her, Romeo begins his farewell to his young bride, “O my love! my wife!” (5.3.91). He drinks the poison, and with one last kiss he falls dead to the earthen floor of the tomb. Friar Laurence arrives and Balthasar comes out of hiding to tell him that Romeo has been in the vault for at least half an hour. Friar Laurence rushes in to find Romeo dead and Juliet awakening from her death-like slumber. Confused, Juliet asks Friar Laurence where her Romeo is, and he can do nothing but tell her the horrible truth.

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