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Barnett Finance Company, Inc. is a third-party auto loan agency based in Georgia. Barnett Finance Company has received consumer complaints alleging billing, collections and credit reporting issues. If you have been contacted by BFC, make sure you understand your rights before taking action.

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In July 2015, a complainant alleged that Barnett Finance Company acted improperly by refusing a payment deferment, repossessing her vehicle, and reporting the repossession and a collection on her credit history. She indicated that she and her husband financed a used car through BFC and were current on payments until her husband became ill. Because they were unable to make timely payments at the end of 2014 during his hospitalization and recovery, the complainant contacted BFC to obtain a payment deferment to January 15. According to the complainant, this would have allowed them to make one payment on January 15 and then come current with tax refund monies shortly thereafter. Barnett Finance Company refused to work with them and told them “no” and “that if the payment was not made by the 15th of December they would” repossess the car. BFC repossessed the car and reported the repossession and a collection for a remaining balance due based on the difference between what was owed and the amount Barnett Finance Company obtained for the car on the complainant’s credit report.

The BBB has closed 3 complaints against Barnett Finance Company in the past three years. Most of those complaints allege problems with billing and collections. Many complaints also allege problems with customer service.

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This is the worst company ever they sent me an email saying that I owe 6,776 I’m a advanced and I argued with them for over a month and eventually came and got my car and about 2 months after they got my car then they tell me that it was not suppose to be but a 67$ advance but they knew what they were doing. The Barnett team is comprised of seasoned automotive professionals that have been on both sides of the table. We understand what it takes to make deals happen and specialize in deals that make sense.

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