Should An Aboleth Have A Name? If So What?

The ship’s coiled shell provides the comfort of enclosed space and protects the illithids from the rays of solar bodies. Less common illithid vessels such as the 25-ton squid ship, the 70-ton octopus, and the 100-ton cuttle command also resemble the cephalopods after which they are named. The 3.5 Edition D&D supplement Lords of Madness provides that the Illithid were a star-faring people who existed at the end of time. Facing annihilation, the Illithid traveled to the past, arriving roughly 2000 years before the present in any given D&D campaign.

When an illithid dies its brain is extracted and taken to the pool. Illithids believe that when they die their personality is incorporated into the Elder Brain, but this is not the case. When the brain of an illithid is added to the Elder Brain, the memories, thoughts and experiences are consumed and rickystokes news dothan added to the sum of the whole, but all else is lost. This fact is a closely guarded secret of the Elder Brains, since all illithid aspire to a form of immortality through this merging process. An extremely ancient Elder Brain is called a God-Brain because its psionic powers are almost limitless.

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This makes an Aboleth very difficult to surprise in its aquatic environment. It also makes it skin a sensitive organ for the Aboleth and will cause the creature a great deal of frustration if harmed anywhere on its body. Their archenemies are the githyanki and the githzerai, descendants of the rebellious slaves who destroyed their empire millennia ago. Hunting and slaying illithids whenever they can is an integral part of their cultures. The Elder Brain in turn can communicate telepathically with anyone in its community, issuing orders and ensuring everyone conforms.

If you accept this version of Eberron’s history, the aboleths become contemporaries of the Lords of Dust and enemies of the Chamber and the Church of the Silver Flame. The Elder Evils — those ancient powers bound by the Silver Flame — are also known as the rakshasa rajahs, though this latter name is simply a title. Eberron’s history portrays these overlords as unique spirits with powers far beyond those of any rakshasa, and the Elder Evils detailed in Lords of Madness certainly fill the bill. Thus, they can also serve as the powers behind The Lords of Dust and the Carrion Tribes of the Demon Wastes. Aboleths are fishlike amphibians, 7 meters long and weighing about 3,000 kilograms; they continue to grow as they age, however, and some fantastically ancient specimens might reach 13 meters in length. Their bodies are also segmented, which is a worm or insect-like characteristic.

Roger E. Moore authored “The Ecology of the Mind Flayer,” which featured in Dragon #78 . Whether on land or on the sea, an aboleth can use its tentacles to attack. These tentacles have a long reach, and can be used to grapple opponents. Aboleths prefer to remain hidden beneath the water, reaching out of the water with their tentacles to attack their prey, often grabbing them and pulling them below the surface. There, the vast majority of Toril’s aboleths dwelled, though they could be found elsewhere, most commonly haunting ruins, deep lakes, or old temples.

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