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Schema – is an overall logical view of the relationships between data in a database. In the indexed-sequential files method, records are physically stored in sequential order on a magnetic disk or other direct access storage device based on the key field of each record. Each file contains an index that references one or more key fields of each data record to its storage location address. Direct access- on-line processing requires direct access, whereby a record can be accessed without accessing the records between it and the beginning of the file. Reliability defines how likely it is for the software to work without failure for a given period of time.

Multiple Organizations is the name we give to the functionality that surrounds OUs and it is exploited by all products as appropriate. Is not product specific and automatically links all subledger products that post to a specific ledger. Ledgers balance, that is, the sum of the debit and credit balances equal each other and you can prepare an income statement and balance sheet from them.

OUs can be used to model autonomous organizational units that create financial transactions. You create, process, and report on subledger financial data within the context of an OU. System legal entities, Ledgers, and OUs are defined in relationship to one another. A legal entity accounts for itself in the Primary Ledger and optionally in other ledgers, and stores its subledger data in one or more OUs. A legal entity or group of legal entities account for themselves in one Ledger storing subledger data in several OUs. This is a normal setup for a group doing business in highly regulated industries in a given country or region.

As a result of this effort, on the one hand, social obligation of the business is fulfilled and on the other, its goodwill is enhanced. The Operator Function Model is proposed as an alternative to traditional task analysis techniques used by human factors engineers. The model represents basic issues of knowledge representation, information flow, and decision making in complex systems. The functional flow block diagram is a multi-tier, time-sequenced, step-by-step flow diagram of the system’s functional flow.The diagram is developed in the 1950s and widely used in classical systems engineering.

The various areas are managed and organised as little segments or departments. Marketing is the total system of interacting business activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute satisfying products and services to present and potential customers. Marketing is concerned with all those activities which enable the seller to transfer the title to the buyer. Under this function, appointments are made to do different marketing activities. In big organisations, personnel department is established for making appointments. Marketing manager helps personnel manager to secure staff for his department.

These are databases of local work groups , and departments at regional offices , branch offices, manufacturing plants, and other work sites. These databases can include segments of both common operational and common user databases, as well as data generated and used only at a user’s own site. After the logical design comes the physical design of the database. All fields are specified as to their length and the nature of the data . A principal objective of physical design is to minimize the number of time-consuming disk accesses that will be necessary in order to answer typical database queries. Frequently, indexes are provided to ensure fast access for such queries.

Further, each division of the organisation has its own essential resources and functions like production, marketing, purchase, human resource, etc. In this type of organisational structure, the divisions are headed by the general manager who controls the regular business activities. The general manager is accountable to the top management of the which perspective most clearly focuses on how we learn observable responses? organisation for the performance of their division. Its structure is suited mathematically to analyze coupling between functions in order to optimize the architectural robustness of potential functional solution models. Consists of all that a company does to identify customers’ needs and design products and services that meet those needs.

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