Wrestlemania 32 Ticket Pre

I’ll have more updates throughout the month, including the full list of scheduled events and my recommended food establishments and other tourist activities. Do not financially puss out on taking the turnpikes and toll expressways. DFW has some of the nation’s worst traffic, with surprisingly only 3 appearances on the most recent worst 100 bottlenecks list, and it is especially horrendous in the late afternoon/early evenings on the mega-city’s east side. I’ve been to the Curtis Culwell Center once , and was able to park for free at the nearby Walmart Supercenter. I can’t guarantee that’ll be an option this time, but hopefully it will be, otherwise ROH is asking for $20 to secure a parking pass.

The WWE had come back from losing the Monday night rating war with World Championship Wrestling and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was their hottest star in professional wrestling. This WrestleMania was built around the feud between Steve Austin and Vince McMahon, when McMahon would do whatever it took to make sure that Stone Cold wasn’t the WWE Champion. Vince McMahon had his Corporate Champion in The Rock and he wanted to keep it that way. Undertaker versus King Kong Bundy isn’t one of Undertaker’s more memorable WrestleMania matches.

Besides the miracle on bourbon street, this WrestleMania will always be remembered for the Undertaker finally losing at WrestleMania, ending his undefeated streak in the hands of Brock Lesnar. By this time, I think we thought the Undertaker was going to 24 hour fitness san jose aborn retire with the streak intact, or that if it was going to be broken it would be by a superstar coming up rather than someone as established as Lesnar. When the referee counted the three to end the match, the entire stadium went silent in complete shock.

This was the first time the fans could really say the outcome of WrestleMania was dictated by them. The fans had been behind Daniel Bryan for years now and wanted to see him be pushed to the top of the card, main eventing WrestleMania. When Batista returned and won the Royal Rumble, the fans made it clear they wanted Daniel Bryan in the main event of WrestleMania over Big Dave. The originally planned singles main event between Randy Orton and Batista was going to be a triple threat. Due to CM Punk walking out in January, Triple H didn’t have an opponent.

WrestleMania 11 took place at Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut in front of over 16,000 fans. This WrestleMania was a weird one for sure, but I think that wrestling as a whole in 1995 was just going through an odd slump. However, the rest of the card felt like it could have been any other PPV during the year.

The last Mania I did was WM28, and seriously considering going next year. May do some nights in Mexico and then Axxess, HOF, Mania and Raw in Dallas. You can stay in Dallas and its piss easy to get there, plus Dallas is just brilliant. There’s also a Six Flags right near the stadium, which could be a good place to go for a day. Only one is above that price (ringside, $5500) the rest ranged from $900 to $3250. I have a hard time justifying that when, if you booked everything yourself, it would be less than half that…

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