Alexander Smith Says He Time Travelled Until Year 2118, Shows An Image As Proof

Plus reviews of ghost hunting television shows, and the latest on supernatural movie and documentary releases. PS- Here’s a bad joke that didn’t fit in the blog but I want to make it anyway. For it to make sense you have to know a couple things. That’s important cause that’s also the name of an NFL quarterback who recently signed a new deal with the Washington Redskins. You also need to know that the overwhelming opinion about the deal is that Alex Smith is 33 years old and likely past his prime and shouldn’t have gotten such a massive deal.

“That is the year all my family and friends are in. Simply put, I was fired from my job during a mission in the year 2017, which is why I am now stuck in 2019.” Check out the latest series of All To Play For, with Joe Cole and special guests. The end of the human race AND a winning lottery ticket? A yacht in the Bahamas and a post-apocalyptic earth.

I guess, just like in the case of John Titor, we like a bit of a mystery, even if deep down we know it’s all fiction. Time traveling is 100% possible and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the CIA has discovered the capability and is hiding it from the general public. So if this guy Alexander Smith says he traveled to the year 2218 for the CIA and brought back a picture of a futuristic skyline I’m ALL IN. Talking to ApexTV, he claims to have travelled to a future utopia freed from illness and crime. A video posted on ApexTV exhibits Edward describing what led him to time journey, as he sits in what’s considered an Armenian park.

Some claiming to be from as far into the future as the year 10,000. ALEXANDER Smith comes from an extended line of so-called time travellers who declare its greater than only a science fiction fantasy. Alexander Smith is a time traveler who craigslist in nh claims to have been to the year 2118. He said that he worked for the CIA in the 1970s. In 1981, Alexander Smith was a test subject for advanced technologies. It turned out to be a time machine and he would be sent to the year 2118 and back.

He claims to have been born in 2043 and boasts that he’s taken a number of missions. For his first time trip, for instance, he popped into 2138. When he’s not moving about time, though, he lives in 2075. He claims it’s not bad, but that there have been major Earth changes, ones he wants to warn us about. The powers-that-be still have done nothing to combat it.

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