Disabling Windows Device Setup Manager Service

Cancel Connection — The PC should not be connected to this network. Windows Connection Manager ends the connection. The user is granted Internet access on the current connection. ImportantThe steps above also apply to an external device that is attached to the PC with an alternate Internet connection. Browse other questions tagged windows-10 event-log or ask your own question. I have been “cleaning up” Windows 10, and I’m noticing a series of warnings in the Event Viewer every time I start Windows.

Perhaps changing it did some difference then but not now. As of this morning they are gone again and everything is ok. I can refresh devices and no clocks appear. Everything is working great, and I haven’t done nothing for trying to fix them other than read some links that suggest “temporary” workarounds.

Provide Credentials — The app can generate credentials for this network, and then return them to Windows Connection Manager. Windows Connection Manager authenticates to the hotspot using WISPr. Windows will then automatically offload data traffic onto these hotspots when in range. You may want to do this in order to offload network traffic from your cellular data networks to land-line-based Wi-Fi locations.

But I insisted that just because I am able to use the controller, doesn’t mean it’s really usable. Device Install Service kept on running at system startup causing warnings messages mideast monarchy in event viewer. I uninstalled and unplugged the controller and behaviour stopped. Can I simply disable the “Device Setup Manager” in services to prevent these warnings?

I checked my Group Policy Editor however, and it shows as Not configured for all of them under Windows 10. So not sure why these seem to be set like that. We here at Paessler’s are constantly working on improving PRTG in order to discover, identify, avoid, circumnavigate, and be as tolerant as possible about these errors . I had a group of two non-domain PCs for which I had defined the credentials on group level without entering a PC/domain name. What’s weird is that nothing at all changed on the probe or the monitored machine.

The app establishes this connection through a limited mobile broadband connection or over an alternate Internet connection, such as Wi-Fi. NoteThis step is only necessary if the OEM has not inserted the SIM and preloaded the mobile broadband app and service metadata. I have to add my “Likewise” to this thread. We had a machine that’s worked normally using IP based querying since January. Last Friday it stopped responding to WMI for no known reason.

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