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In a separate email on the same day, Anderson outlined details of the booster shot clinics on campus as well as the student testing plan. Swarthmore held a COVID-19 booster clinic for students, faculty, and staff on Jan. 21 and plans to host three more in February, March, and April, according to Student Health invstor com reviews Services Director Casey Anderson. Limited Worth Health Center hours also disproportionately disadvantage students who do not have cars or disposable income. Public Safety cannot take students to Target or a drug store, so students either have to have access to a car, be able to walk, or order a car service.

It is comprised of a group of students elected jointly by the student council and the health service. The council serves to provide guidance, communication, student representation, and leadership to the student health service. SHAC is actively involved in health service program planning and development, especially in the areas of illness prevention and wellness. Please read the Important Annual Health Insurance Requirement informationcarefully. If you are insured by another plan, please be certain that your private health insurance plan will adequately cover a student away from home. Services away from home, such as blood tests, MRI’s, x-rays, and care from specialists are often not covered under a private insurance plan.

Swarthmore offers over 600 courses per year in more than 40 areas of study, including an ABET-accredited engineering program that culminates in a Bachelor of Science in engineering. Swarthmore has a variety of sporting teams with a total of 22 Division III Intercollegiate sports teams, and it competes in the Centennial Conference, a group of private colleges in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The college’s push for the Swarthmore community to receive their booster shot comes after a national surge in Omicron-related COVID-19 cases and CDC recommendations that all eligible adults over 18 years of age receive the booster shot. The college is reporting a total of four COVID-19 cases since Jan. 29, a significant drop from the nearly 40 positive results detected following the return of students and faculty from winter break. Due to pandemic restrictions, students must obtain all medical supplies, from cough drops and over-the-counter medication to prescriptions and other specialized medical products, through Worth.

Our vision is to empower students to be engaged in their continuum of lifelong health and wellbeing. In September 2003, the SCCS servers survived a Slashdotting while hosting a copy of the Diebold memos on behalf of the student group Free Culture Swarthmore, then known as the Swarthmore Coalition for the Digital Commons. SCCS staff promptly complied with the relevant DMCA takedown request received by the college’s ITS department. In May 2018, The Daily Gazette, which had been published since 1996, merged with The Phoenix. With an early staff that often numbered fewer than ten people, The Phoenix was first published monthly, then moved to a bi-weekly schedule in 1894. It is now published weekly with a paid staff of more than forty editors, reporters, and columnists.

The campus consists of 425 acres (1.72 km2), based on a north–south axis anchored by Parrish Hall, which houses numerous administrative offices and student lounges, as well as two floors of student housing. The fourth floor houses campus radio station WSRN-FM as well as the weekly student newspaper, The Phoenix. At the end of 2007, the Swarthmore Board of Managers approved the decision for the college to eliminate student loans from all financial aid packages. At Swarthmore, 15% of earners of undergraduate degrees immediately enter graduate or professional school, and, within five years of graduation, 75% of alumni enter these programs. At graduate programs, the most common fields for Swarthmore graduates to enter are math & physical sciences, humanities, social sciences, life sciences, and engineering. News & World Report3Washington Monthly15NationalARWU155–175Forbes25THE/WSJ28GlobalARWU601–700Some sources, including Greene’s Guides, have termed Swarthmore one of the “Little Ivies”.

Preventive health services are also offered with a focus on issues that impact college students. Physicians and nurse practitioners are available for assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and referrals as needed. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Swarthmore staff and students have taken admirable precautions to ensure on-campus students and staff remain safe.

Wolfgang Köhler, Hans Wallach and Solomon Asch were noted psychologists who became professors at Swarthmore, a center for Gestalt psychology. Both Wallach, who was Jewish, and Köhler, who was not, had left Nazi Germany because of its discriminatory policies against Jews. Köhler came to Swarthmore in 1935 and served until his retirement in 1958.

Swarthmore’s Health and Wellness staff supports the needs of our diverse student body by providing individualized holistic care and campus-wide education. The nurse practitioner model offers acute and chronic health care services, as well as preventive health services with a focus on issues that impact college students. Swarthmorehealthcenter.com is a new website created by the University of Wisconsin Department of Health Sciences and the Wisconsin State University Health Sciences Center.

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