Health Promotion For Those Defined As Homeless Nursing Essay

A nurse is attracted to a patient and insists on being assigned to care for this patient every shift she works. As a result there are reports of the nurse not completing other assignments. In this example the nurse A. Is merely demonstrating caring behaviors. Is ensuring continuity of care. Has become overly involved and is at risk of committing a boundary violation.

Nurses can serve as defenders of dignity and protectors of rights. In fact, they always have. Assessing for signs of hunger, food insecurity, domestic violence, human trafficking and other ills of our society often falls on nurses. Gathering such data, the nurse is morally obligated to intervene on behalf of the patient, seeking strategies to address the issues at hand. Across the country, nurses must stand up to law enforcement, resist pressure from immigration officials and otherwise advocate for patients’ rights, often under duress.

Nurses are on the front lines of health care. They become experts at establishing relationships with patients and can do so without a second thought. A healthy nurse-patient relationship built on trust and respect goes a long way in improving a patient’s overall health.

May be denied based on a licensure candidate’s criminal history. Why does the BON require nurses to disclose that they have been diagnosed with, treated for, or hospitalized with certain mental illnesses? Nurses diagnosed with these disorders are required to not practice in psychiatric settings due to their mental health issues. Nurses diagnosed with these disorders may lack fitness to practice nursing safely and may require a period of monitored practice by the BON. C. Nurses with these diagnoses are likely to cross professional boundaries.

Can be completed only by a registered nurse. Evident causes for homelessness are high alcohol consumption and using drugs by injection . Uncertainty, lack of control, feelings of hopelessness and despair often weaken the homeless and they lose their ability to meet their self-care needs (Cross et al. 2012). Routines are impossible for those that are homeless, for example, taking medications on time, such as insulin, which needs to be stored properly. Syringes are often stolen where there is no safe place to keep them and the living environment is dangerous. Specialist nurses who have had additional training to deal with mental health issues can assist in addressing the multiple health needs of this specific group and make sure that they have the required access to primary care .

Serum albumin level, serum transferrin level, and delayed hypersensitivity reactions were the only accurate prognostic indicators of postoperative morbidity and mortality. Substantial unrecognized malnutrition exists in the surgical patient population. An isolated indicator of malnutrition should be interpreted with caution. The visceral protein compartment is the most accurate prognostic indicator of postoperative morbidity and mortality.

They must be keen to develop a therapeutic relationship as they learn to accept people for who they are as each of us have had different experiences throughout life and these experiences make us who we are. Health promotion was a frequent topic in the literature that was studied on improving the healthcare of single homeless people. The nursing literature which was looked at, also defended the opinion that health promotion is an essential part of the nurse’s role . The nurse’s role in health promotion and health education involves taking into account all of the processes involved from assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating, as these are all essential elements of a health promotion programme . According to National Institute for Clinical Excellence , health promotion is an activity that intends to prevent disease or promote health. The method of health promotion concentrates on health and not the illness.

The final section of this assignment will look at the holistic approach to caring for the single homeless person. A holistic approach to caring is vital. For any nurse to be successful, it is important that they are able to work holistically. They must also be flexible, be culturally aware, and have non-discriminatory attitudes . Rather than the business incubators are usually government-funded facilities intended to: diagnosed disease being taken into account, holistic care is an approach to patient care in which social issues along with physiological and psychological factors of the patient’s condition are all considered. Health professionals should be treating the single homeless person as a whole and encouraging them to better manage their conditions.

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