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Moreover, she also rumored for having liposuction. Whether this rumor true or false, we cannot give a sure answer since she never tesol in california admits it. For the Kelly confession in Elle Magazine, we all know that she is really done Botox treatment for every seven months.

However, Kelly has been quite lucky in this regard. Yes, we are talking about Mark Consuelos, her husband of 25 years. Let’s take you to the year 1995 and see how they met. Kelly Ripa was born in Berlin, New Jersey, on 2 October 1970. Her father is the Democratic County Clerk for Camden County, while her mother is a housewife.

She will next be the producer of ‘Geek Girl Rising TV Series.’ Ripa is known as Media’s Most Powerful People. Kelly Ripa’s acting career was evident at a very young age. As a result of that, her teacher encouraged her to take acting as a career.

Kelly Ripa follows a particular type of diet called an alkaline diet. Kelly started learning ballet dance at the age of 3. She does it with more ease now, but it wasn’t the case when she started out. Popular for her witty sense of humor and impeccable fashion sense, Kelly Ripa has come far from where she started. Her journey reminds us of Carey Mulligan, who also performed in theatre from a very young age. Even after two decades of marriage, Kelly and Mark are head over heels for each other.

In 1996, she married Mark Consuelos and gave birth to three children named Joaquin Antonio Consuelos, Lola Consuelos, and Michael Joseph Consuelos. Kelly Ripa owns an overall net worth of 120million dollars. Kelly Ripa was born in a family of a bus driver and labor union president , who taught the girl to be persistent and hard working. Kelly Ripa got interested in dancing and since 3 years old she attended dancing classes. Probably, the fact that she had toned her body from the earliest age is the reason, why Kelly remains thin till now. She has since figured out ways to make the alkaline diet work for her life, with some small adjustments.

Her high school drama teacher first noted Kelly Ripa’s ability to act. He encouraged her to work hard since she was a natural performer. Kelly started performing in theater productions.

Kelly also rumored to have nose jobs besides regular Botox treatment. You can compare her before after photos and see the difference in her nose shape. Her nose looks smaller and pointy compared to before. You can see her tip and nasal area seem smaller and refined. Unfortunately, Kelly did not talk too much about her nose job procedure, unlike the Botox treatment. She never gives enough response or explanation about the possibility of her nose job.

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