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The band’s line-up remained the same until 2014 with Malcolm Young’s retirement due to early-onset dementia and Rudd’s legal troubles. In 2016, Johnson was advised to stop touring on account of worsening hearing loss and Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose stepped in as the band’s vocalist for the remainder of that year’s dates. Long-term bass player Cliff Williams retired from the band at the end of their 2016 Rock Or Bust agaci job application world tour. Brothers Angus and Malcolm Young got the name AC/DC from the back of their sister Margret’s sewing machine ñ the same one she used to sew the campy Catholic schoolboy uniform Angus used to wear on stage. The fledgling hard rockers started making a name for themselves in small Australian clubs in 1973, but things truly started to take off when they hooked up with wild-man singer Bon Scott the following year.

The Bon Scott songs sounded better than the Brian Johnson from a lead vocal perspective. Stevie Young has taken Malcolm’s spot and Chris Slade was hitting the skins instead of Phil Rudd. Unfortunately at the end of this tour Cliff will retire only leaving Angus as an original member. I was very fortunate to see Bon Scott front this band back in the 70’s and then I saw Brian Johnson three times including the Back In Black first tour. AC/DC has been and will be known historically as one of the best Rock n Roll bands ever. And it’s the same if you see them today – the crowd at an AC/DC show these days is a mix of young and older fans, but we’re all rocking out together.

AC/DC has been around just about forever, sold tens of millions of albums worldwide, and won a dozen awards, so your expectations for a live show should be high. I first saw them at the Tacoma Dome in June, 1988, and wasn’t disappointed. Nothing replaces years of committed touring and AC/DC are the epitome of hard work and a lifelong dedication to their craft. “When the doctor left, Bon poured himself a large whisky and Coke and made a toast to ‘Doctor Whisky!

Malcolm Young was replaced by his and Angus’ nephew Stevie Young and Phil Rudd was replaced by their former drummer Chris Slade. They have both played for AC/DC on the Blow Up Your Video World Tour and on the Razors Edge World Tour, respectively. Next, explore all available AC/DC tickets on the left hand side of the screen. Filters at the top of the page allow tickets to be sorted by price, or by SeatGeek’s Deal Score feature, which ranks tickets by value and tells you exactly how good of a deal you’re looking at. On the right hand side, you can explore SeatGeek’s interactive maps to find the perfect seating section, and to get a preview of what a view from a seat in that section will look like. Most concerts last about 2-3 hours but can run shorter or longer depending on the artist, opening acts, encore, etc.

First Malcolm Young was forced to retire in 2014 with Parkinson’s disease, then hearing loss sidelined Brian Johnson midway through their 2016 Rock or Bust Tour. This never-say-die attitude over the past 40 plus years has further glorified AC/DC’s legend for fans, who know they’ll rock the stage no matter what. AC/DC have sold more than 200 million records worldwide, including 71.5 million albums in the United States, adding them to the list of highest-certified music artists in the United States and the list of best-selling music artists. Back in Black has sold an estimated 50 million units worldwide, making it the second-highest-selling album by any artist – and the highest-selling album by any band. The album has sold 22 million units in the US, where it is the sixth-highest-selling album of all time.

Lead singer and co-songwriter Bon Scott died on 19 February 1980, after a night of heavy alcohol consumption. The group briefly considered disbanding, but soon ex-Geordie singer Brian Johnson was selected as Scott’s replacement. Later that year, the band released their best selling album, Back in Black. The band’s next album, For Those About to Rock We Salute You, was also highly successful and was their first album to reach number one in the United States. AC/DC declined in popularity soon after the departure of drummer Phil Rudd in 1983. Poor record sales continued until the release of The Razors Edge in 1990.

From the inside looking out, however, Bon Scott’s final tour with AC/DC was one long suicide note. In an article for RAM, Australia’s premier music magazine, at the end of 1978, Bon had been unusually downbeat about his prospects of continuing much longer. The announcement did not offer a release date or any more specifics. USA TODAY has reached out to a representative for the band for details.

Ex-Geordie singer Brian Johnson was auditioned and selected to replace Scott. Later that year, the band released the new album, Back in Black, which was made as a tribute to Bon Scott. The album launched them to new heights of success and became their all-time best-seller. Dirty Deeds The AC/DC Experience out of Boston, MA, has been touring the US for over 20 years bringing forth their high energy and wildly entertaining tribute to one of the world’s best rock bands, AC/DC! Dirty Deeds’ performance revisits all of the timeless AC/DC hits along with a theatrical ride through rock n’ roll history bringing you back to the early music that was at the roots of AC/DC’s rise to stardom. While the iconic band has been through a ton of members since the original group formed in 1973, the band that you’ll see today includes Angus Young, Chris Slade, Stevie Young and, in their last tour, Guns N’ Roses lead vocalist Axl Rose.

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