The Scientific Method

In 2008, the polar bear became the first vertebrate species to be listed under the U.S. Endangered Species Act as threatened due to predicted climate change. The Secretary dr. horrible’s sing-along blog season 1 episode 1 of Interior listed the polar bear as threatened but restricted the Endangered Species Act’s protections, and thus the polar bear’s future is still very much in jeopardy.

[Disclose all the purposes to which the research data is going to be put, e.g. journal articles, books, etc.]. My name is , and this research project is part of the requirement for a at University. Science and ethics in conducting, analyzing, and reporting psychological research.Psychological Science, 5, 127–134. Attitudes toward the use of animals in psychological research and education.Psychological Science, 7, 352–358. Basic research, which answers questions about behaviour, and applied research, which finds solutions to everyday problems, inform each other and work together to advance science. The experimenter treats the participant with concern and respect and attempts to make the research experience a pleasant and informative one.

Even after the long road to human trials, many drugs and procedures that work on mice and rats do not work on people. The rodents’ “couch potato” lifestyles could influence the results, or perhaps the slight differences between rat, mouse and human genomes produce different responses to drugs. In Alzheimer’s studies, for example, mice and rats are artificially given a condition that resembles the disease because they do not develop it naturally.

If analgesics or other welfare measures, reasonably expected for the procedure performed, are not performed for experimental reasons, report the scientific justification . If the research is not covered by any regulation and formal ethical approval is not required (e.g., a study using animal species not protected by regulations or law), demonstrate that international standards were complied with and cite the appropriate reference. In such cases, provide a clear statement explaining why the research is exempt from regulatory approval. Provide a clear statement explaining how the study conforms to appropriate regulations and guidelines.

Be sure to scroll down to see explanations for the different pain categories, as well as the list of annual reports. The scientific process is _________, involving both inductive and deductive reasoning.

It is difficult to see the rationale of such experimental adventures in making of a “good skilled doctor”. In 1987, Jennifer Graham from California sued her high school for insisting that dissection was the only method they recognized for learning anatomy. Several students objected openly against animal dissection exercises thereafter. Following these incidents, several states of the USA have passed “choice-in-dissection” laws, which provide a choice to the student to use alternatives to dissection. Several medical schools in the USA, like the Mayo, Harvard, Columbia and Yale now, have no live-animal laboratories.

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