This Demon, The Devils Queen, Stella Dimoko

The controversial blogger had once remarked that she is relieved to have graduated with a Third Class instead of a Pass. Her time at the university was difficult because she revealed she was a victim of sexual assault. According to her, her grades suffered as a result of the traumatic experience. Coping with reactions and backlash was not so easy for her to handle in the beginning .

I don’t know what woke me up from sleep. I tried to sleep but thoughts came to my mind and told me to tell this story of me. Linda Ikeji’s blog is more popular than SDK blog because of some of the other businesses Linda Ikeji ventured into that have, in turn, turned up her popularity and fame. Although Stella Dimoko Korkus started her dmaps com blog years before Linda Ikeji, Linda’s blog is more famous to the public than hers. This may be as a result of her distance from the country where her contents come from. Interestingly, Stella Dimoko Korkus and popular blogger Linda Ikeji have been perceived as being unhealthy rivalries and engaging in a silent feud over the years.

Growing up, all such food gifts were tossed in the bin. Only few people’s food we were allowed to eat. Give the family space for some time and see if the lady will call or ask after you. This will help you know how she really feels about you.

Also, her state of origin, parents, and siblings are kept away from the media. She is a blogger who digs into the private lives of others but has successfully kept her private life away from the public. Is it okay to use a dildo when being denied as a married woman all because we have money issues?. I have started touching myself when the torture is getting out of hand plus emotional neglect. Nigerians are the weirdest bunch ever. You post ur pregnancy online, witches will eat ur baby, u post ur husband online, village people will scatter ur union.

But what do you expect with the pessimism with which human relationships are promoted. Terrible quotes against friendships, neighbours, colleagues, step-relatives etc are accepted, celebrated and swallowed hook and sinkers. I believe Pentecostalism contributed a lot to the disheartening suspicions that never used to exist in my childhood days. See how this suspicions has slowly degenerated to hate and the anarchy in our society today. NO LOVE. They don’t expect it, they don’t recognise it, they don’t accept it.

Please is disturbing us as people are quick to blame me for it. Lastly as you are eating, bring out your phone and tell him you wantu do selfie and put on Instagram. If e use hanky and cutlery to hide face small, aunty forget, na nkechi husband be dat. You just have to accept, not everyone is a good cook, if you try e no work, leave am, as long as your husband is not complaining.

Image sourceBoth blogs have almost the same interest areas. SDK blog posts ruthless information and secret lifestyles of celebrities. But Linda Ikeji posts more detailed and interesting facts about celebrities.

No need to feel so sad, the society is messed up sadly, many people think that other humans esp TTC mum’s are out to bewitch them. The person who told you that, might be JEALOUS of your kindness to the woman and her children. Poster,pls ask the mother of the child if what you were told about your gifts are true. No time for crying in private when you can have it all in the open so you can face front and move.

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